February 3, 2012

Another Cool New Product – Auton Dream Machine!

Unique Way to Conceal a TV in your Bedroom!

Auton, known for its TV Lifts, has been doing well to conceal our plasma and LCD TV screens in cabinets at the touch of a button, but it has grown better in this hide and seek business with its latest creation — the Dream Machine. With its seamless and simple to operate ways, Auton’s Dream Machine slides your TV under your bed and back on the stand at the touch of a button. The Dream Machine comes pre-assembled and it needs no modifications to adjust with your bed frame. Priced at $13,999 for the DM70 and up to $22,999 DM120S, it can withhold 120lb, but screen size shouldn’t be a problem.

Check out this video for more details:  http://youtu.be/gm0mJ2wpA38

Call the professionals at Automation Design + Entertainment for information on how you can incorporate this hidden treasure into your home!

August 31, 2011

Pioneer Elite is Back and Better Than Ever!

Long known for having one of the best flat panel televisions in the industry…Pioneer Elite stopped producing their highly rated KURO plasma televisions back in 2009 due to the sharp economic downturn and severe price drops that the flat panel industry was experiencing.  This despite the fact that experts as well as audio/video and home theater enthusiasts raved about the deep black levels, vibrant colors and superb video offered in these sets.

Well, be disappointed no longer, as Pioneer Elite has revived its video business and is coming back better than ever with a strategic partnership with Sharp!  See, Sharp is one of the largest LCD/LED glass manufacturers in the world and has been producing a LCD/LED Quattron flat panel television for several years now that added a fourth sub pixel to the standard RGB+Y color palette.  Their sets offered the brightness of LCD backlighting while incorporating the energy efficiency of LED and the broadest range of colors available via their Quattron technology.  You combine this with the video engineering expertise and deep black levels that Pioneer Elite KURO is known for and you truly have a winning combination!

The new sets will come in 60″ and 70″ models ranging in price from $5999 to $8499 and will feature their anti-blur technology they call “Fluidmotion.”  This is a technology that achieves the equivalent of a 720Hz scanning rate by combining frame-quadrupling 240Hz technology with a scanning backlight.  These new sets will also feature local dimming in which their will be “hundreds” of zones that can be individually controlled for optimum black levels for any scene or environment.

For more information, please visit their website at:  http://elitelcdtv.com/ or call us at 269-324-6072 and we’ll be glad to assist you in bringing this amazing video experience to your home!

May 31, 2011

Why is the sound on my new Flat Panel TV so bad?

Where has the sound gone on my TV?

Those who have recently purchased new flat panel LCD and LED TV’s have noticed that the sound quality on most of these new models is marginal at best.  Part of the sacrifice to go to a thin profile design is that the manufacturers have to compromise on the amplifier section and speakers in order to get everything to fit into these new thin designs.  On top of that, many of these manufacturers have moved the speakers to the back of the TV and firing down instead of being mounted on the front of the TV with speakers firing out towards the listener.  This has added to the poor quality of the sound which makes us turn the volume way up just to get intelligibility of speech.  The problem with this scenario is that we are also turning up the volume of all of the other sounds from your TV and these sounds can many times impact those in other rooms within the residence and make it unbearable for them to concentrate or accomplish their tasks.  Thus, battles and conflicts arise.   

Fortunately, we have several options from sound bars, flat panel speakers, wireless headphones and surround sound systems to take your TV watching to a more enjoyable experience.  Give our experts at Automation Design + Entertainment a call and we’ll be glad to assist you in finding the perfect match of elegance, video quality and sound quality for all of your TV viewing needs!

April 12, 2011

Pioneer Elite to return to TV Market later this year!

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Sharp announced Thursday that it has been granted a license of Pioneer’s Elite brand for high-end displays that will be released starting later this year.

Pioneer discontinued making Pioneer Elite TVs in 2009. The new TVs will be jointly marketed by Sharp and Pioneer, and marketed through Pioneer’s Elite dealer network, the companies said.

“As a leader in large screen LCD TV, we are excited to collaborate with Pioneer to bring a high-end LCD TV to the Elite consumer,” John Herrington , President of Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America, said as part of the announcement. “The Elite brand is highly respected in the high end market and Sharp can deliver the quality and innovation that Elite customers demand.”

“Adding a line of high-end flat panel TVs fills a market need in the industry and will help reinforce the strength of a complete Elite home theater offering,” Russ Johnston, Executive VP, Home Electronics Department of Pioneer, said in a statement.

“With its cutting edge LCD technology and unmatched production capabilities, Sharp is an important strategic collaborator that will deliver a whole new dimension to the large-screen home theater experience.”