May 23, 2011

What is a Surround Sound System?

What is a Surround Sound System?

Today’s article is part 3 in our series on Redefining the Home Theater Experience!  Let’s look at a surround sound system.

A Surround Sound System is a term that most often describes a smaller system that might be installed in a master bedroom or in an apartment or condo that gives the client a higher quality sound than a TV would provide while not overwhelming a room or a space.

A surround sound system is closer to a media room type system than a dedicated home theater as it shares many similar elements of a Media room such as the displays utilized and sources feeding the system.  However, the main difference between a surround sound system and a media room is that a surround sound system is typically focused more on enhancing the TV viewing experience while a media room is truly a hybrid version of watching TV, movies, gaming and streaming media.

A medium sized flat panel LCD or LED display is most commonly installed in these applications as they offer a bright, high quality image while being elegantly blended with the design and décor of the space.

Typical sources for a surround sound system are satellite or cable TV and possibly a BluRay or DVD player.

A 5.1 speaker configuration is typically used in these environments to provide the best sound for the money while not taking away from the function of the space.   Many times an all in one speaker bar is used in these applications as they are minimalistic in design and easy to move or take with in case of a future move.

Finally, a simple and easy to use remote control is vital in bringing the entire package together.

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