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How to Blend Smart Technology with Home Design

by Ann Ferguson

The convenience of a smart home is undeniable, but we know all that technology can muck up your home design. But never fear, you won't have to decide between one or the other — you can have both smart tech and a tasteful home design!

How is that possible? Well, we'll show you!

Coordination — Color Coordination

Elaborate home theater with unique crown molding & speaker trim

The good news is that most smart devices have ample color, size, shape, and design choices, so you can find one that matches your home's design. For instance, if you have a smart doorbell, you can color match it with the color of your door or just the knob.

And for in-ceiling speakers, you can match the trim to the color of your ceilings and make it seem like they aren't there at all!

Wires? What Wires?

TV setup with no visible wires

A home full of technological wonders that make your home life easier means wires — and lots of them. Almost everything requires a power source, but there's no denying how all those wires clutter up your design scheme. But with a few tricks, you can make those wires disappear like a techno-savvy magician!

  • Go Wireless: Do away with wires all together with wireless security cameras, speakers, etc., and control your system with a wireless hub. You can even control most connected devices with just your voice!
  • Undercover: Try hiding your wires behind your crown molding so they don't ruin your aesthetic. You can even get hollow baseboards that manufacturers design with cabling in mind.
  • Camouflage: Hide your wires in plain sight by matching the color of your cords to the color of your baseboard!
  • Out of Sight: Make your setup a permanent solution and hide the wires in the drywall (we can help with that). 

Everything is Better Custom

Home theater with speakers tucked away into custom cabinets

Customizing your smart technology lets you put your home design entirely in your hands. With a bespoke design, you can eliminate the need to place every speaker or display on a shelf. Instead, you can install them in the walls or ceilings. And if you keep color coordination in mind, you can hide every piece of tech in plain sight!

The other benefit of a custom fit is that you can drill down on the minutia of your home design. Like if you have a traditional-looking door, you can customize your smart lock to look like a traditional deadbolt.

And if you've always loved the idea of a TV appearing out of nowhere, you can use an in-floor mount to tuck your TV away out of sight and keep the focus on your smashing good taste! No matter what, there’s a custom solution that’ll match your needs!

Find the Balance

Speaker on table blending with design

When color-coordinating isn't an option, you don't have to lose hope. Instead, find the balance between your technology and home design. For instance, if you have a warm wood table and a cold metal device try placing the device on the table. The warmth of the wood blends with the cold metal into a remarkable design. Just don't place too many devices on the same surface, or it'll overpower your aesthetic.

You can also try masking your tech with your décor, so your wireless camera or speaker looks like part of your style. Some products even have a choice of skins that help with the masking process.

Don't be afraid to go bold with your décor choices but remember to keep your other furniture choices or color scheme in mind.

Go Unplugged

Let's say that you have smart technology in almost every room, but there are still a few places in your home without it. Should you add some or leave it that way? While custom integration is a huge benefit to every space, there’s no denying the appeal of a tech-free zone.

With a dedicated room or space like a library nook that is entirely unplugged, you can unwind completely at ease. Not only will you get a much-needed break from all the screens in your life, but you can also focus your home décor skills!

So, if you fall in love with a piece of furniture or home décor but don't know if it'll fit with all your devices, bring it to your unplugged room!

Get Smart!

Now that you know how to blend all your gadgets with your design taste, there's no stopping you from completely tricking out your home! Consult Automation Design & Entertainment, and find the custom solution to your smart home automation that’ll make your home design the absolute envy of all your neighbors.

Have questions about what smart devices you need? Set up a consultation appointment today! We'll handle all the heavy lifting — all you have to do is tell us what you like!