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How Security Cameras Bring Peace of Mind

by Pam Silvia

When people think of security cameras, they picture the grainy, almost unusable footage from a convenience store robbery. Today’s surveillance cameras have improved exponentially, with resolutions at high-definition or even 4K. Some high-tech security cameras can reach a resolution as high as 12 megapixels and offer multiple lenses with panoramic views from 180- to 360-degree coverage. Today's current crop of security cameras can capture the incredible detail of whatever is in their field of view. While we generally see cameras as a way to ward off or catch intruders, a well-planned security surveillance system can provide peace of mind in several other ways.

Deter or Record Package Thieves

front door with Christmas wreath and packages

For a myriad of reasons, people are shopping online more now than ever before. If you’re not home, delivered packages might be sitting on the front porch — in plain view from the street and sidewalk for hours. It’s not hard for someone to walk up and take your latest Amazon order. Having a camera watching over the front porch may very well discourage the notoriously observant porch pirate. If they still manage to grab your goods, at least you’ll have the footage and maybe even their vehicle details to share with the police. Capturing the event clearly along with attributes, such as gender, facial features, clothing, and descriptive information can be the difference between remaining a victim or seeing justice being served.

Confirm Package Deliveries

If you’ve ever received a notification that your package was delivered, only to discover it’s nowhere to be found when you get home, it’s not always the work of a thief. Delivery people can make mistakes, and occasionally, your goods end up on someone else’s doorstep. While a surveillance camera won’t tell you where your package was misdelivered, it can prove to you, as well as the seller and shipper, that no delivery took place. This can be the difference between a full refund or having to absorb the total cost of a lost order.

Keeping an Eye on your Loved Ones

baby boy sleeping peacefully in crib at home with baby monitor camera in the background

Pools, playsets, and trampolines are all great activities for the kids. But each one of them represents some level of risk without supervision. Having a camera focused on these areas will allow you to observe (and hear if your cameras have microphones) what’s going on regardless of whether you’re there or not. Security cameras can also record the comings and goings of your loved ones. Special rules can detect precise motion, sounds, and now motor vehicles and people. So, annoying false alarms, in most cases, can be avoided. The best part is most of these devices are mobile-friendly. If you have elderly parents or simply want to see when you kids leave for or get home from school, security cameras are your eyes and ears.

Monitor Doors and Gates

If you don’t have security contacts on your entry doors or garage doors, there’s no way for you to know if they’re open or closed without visual verification. The gates to most people’s yards never have sensors on them. It’s not uncommon for the family dog to take off on a neighborhood excursion because someone forgot to pull the yard gate closed. A quick check of your cameras lets you know that everything is secure before letting Fido out the back door to do his business. Advanced security cameras can even detect if objects in a field of view are removed or abandoned. These advanced features add in the digital equivalent of what a sensor would do, just by looking at the scene. Imagine being alerted if your beloved 10-foot holiday inflatable disappears suddenly. The combinations are endless, and today’s cameras offer so much more than they did a mere 10 years back.

Animal and Human Mischief

man checks security camera footage on smart home controller

Occasionally, some things happen on our property, and we have no idea who or what the culprit is. What if someone gets hurt on your property or trash cans get knocked over, flowers and veggies disappear from the garden, or smelly little gifts show up on the front lawn? Checking your security cameras might reveal mischievous people, raccoons, and some hungry deer — or even expose your neighbors not cleaning up after their dog or cat. What you do about these particular intrusions is totally up to you, but at least you’ll know what’s going on outside your home whether you’re there or not — day or night!

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As you can see, video surveillance cameras aren’t just about catching the bad guys. Having those extra sets of eyes and ears placed intelligently around your home means more information, insight, and peace of mind. Different situations call for different cameras, so let us help you figure out the proper layout and security camera solution for your home. Our experts at Automation Design & Entertainment can get you set up with a system that makes managing your home security a bit more stress-free and comforting.